We had a birthday to celebrate with So Masnou group

By March 5, 2019 No Comments

Another interesting day with our Spanish group, with a birthday for good measure: Happy birthday, Nuria!

The day start with a lot of sleepy faces at Porstslade station in the morning, but students showed their enthusiasm again in school. They attended a lesson in food technology and did delicious quiches, so the teacher congratulate them.

This was the first day of rain for our students, so it delayed the visit to the seafront for another day. But our leaders always have a plan B, in line with the unpredictable British weather, they changed the day’s activity and the group was on the afternoon shopping.

Most importantly for the day, we celebrated Nuria’s 15th birthday in Churchill Square. Students had a huge cake, they never managed to finish! All together, students sang Happy Birthday in three languages – English, Spanish and Catalan! Regardless of the weather the atmosphere was great and our students had such a great time!

May all of your wishes come true Nuria!