What our students say

At the end of each course we ask our students to fill in a short questionnaire about their stay. We ask them what they liked about the course, activities, teachers, location and accommodation. This gives us a really good idea of what the students are enjoying and helps us constantly improve our courses. Please see below for a selection of the responses

“My family is lovely, I've not had any problems with them and have established a good relationship with them. During the October holidays, I met alot of other people at the school English lessons”

Giovanni Conccio6th Form PACA

“My experience here is not being what I expected but I have enjoyed it! My host family is amazing. She is lovely with us and we have great talks. She always wants to do her best for us and helps in any way she can. ”

Sofia Rosata6th Form PACA

“My host family is really nice with me and I have all I need. We spend nice time together and I am really enjoying the whole experience.”

Francesca Allegrino6th Form PACA

“My family is really nice and friendly. We have established a good relationship and I am so glad for this. This experience has really improved my English.”

Manuela Ferrara6th Form PACA

“My host mum is very nice. I am very satisfied with Home2Home and UKHSI. When I need something, you answer the phone and I am calm because I know that if I needed help, you would be there for me...

I am very excited about this experience. I have learnt English and different ways to do things. I have also made a lot of new friends who I will miss...

I like PACA so much and if I don't understand something, the teachers explain it to me.

Julie Sacristan DobarroYear 11 PACA

“I am very happy about the organisaton working with me to have a good time in Brighton. One of the best things about UKHSI is the possibility to do a lot of things, for example go to London or other famous sights here.

Our trips, especially the ones to London were a great opportunity to learn something about this country.”

NoahAge 15, Germany

“I am staying in a beautiful big house in Mile Oak and my host parents are just amazing. I feel like this is my place. ”

EugenioAge 17, Italy

“I have been here in Brighton for almost two months and I have been doing a lot of things. I attended the Hove Park school every day and in the first two weekends we made two organised trips to London with a Spanish group.”

BiancaAge 16, Italy

“I've been here in England for two months, from the 9th of September. I live in a small house near Brighton with Liz, her dog Neffie and Bianca, another exchange student from Italy like me. When I came here two months ago I was excited because England's always been one of my favorite countries in the world and the idea of living here for three months really made me happy.”

MariaAge 16, Italy