Studying English in the UK is a fantastic way for students to fast-track their English language skills by immersing themselves in English culture.

EFL courses in England are often the first time a student has travelled abroad by themselves and they will develop skills far beyond language which will help them to grow independence as a future adult.

UKHSI are different from other language placement suppliers. We handle the entire booking without you having to deal with multiple suppliers, including UK high school placement, home stay and airport transfer. We promise the highest standards of safety, English language teaching and home stay accommodation, all handled by our experienced UKHSI team.


Taster Sessions

We know it can be a little daunting sending your child to the UK for the first time so we offer taster courses to make things easier. Students can be placed into one of our English schools and host families for just 2 weeks, getting a fully-immersed taster of what it might be like to join one of our longer courses.

Course Options


UKHSI are the only high school placement provider offering taster sessions to students before they enrol. We are certain they will love their experience and when they do, they can enrol for a full term, a semester or a complete academic year.

This is by far our most successful program aimed at students ages 13-18, allowing foreign students to learn English, both in and out of the classroom, whilst staying with host family accommodation. Students will also continue their academic education in Maths, Science, Social Studies & more, taught in English, to give the best all-round learning experience.


Learn English in an English School

We have a close connection with our local community and eight English schools have come together with UKHSI to offer students a unique opportunity to study English alongside native students of the same age.

Due to high demand we are also working alongside other schools across the UK and hope to announce further programs later in the year.

We work with a range of schools, some of which are specialists in music, football, digital media & dance. Students are placed into schools most suited to their interests. enabling students to gain relevant academic knowledge, improve their English skills and become familiar with different teaching and learning styles.


  • Safe & supportive host family accommodation
  • No need to deal with multiple suppliers
  • Taster sessions available before enrolling
  • Flexible course lengths available
  • Prestigious local schools available in Sussex
  • Option to specialise in music, dance or football academy
  • Professional, experienced UKHSI team always available

Beyond the classroom

This total immersion programme is also consolidated by living with a local host family where English is spoken and serves to build upon the skills learned in the classroom.

Students will shadow English speaking students when they attend academic lessons such as Maths, Science, social studies and other subjects available on the curriculum, making this a truly all-round learning experience.

Unlike foreign student exchange programs, parents do not need to worry about providing hosted exchange for an English student in return. Our language immersion courses are focused around your own child learning to speak English, making UKHSI unique compared with EFL exchange programs.

There will be the chance for students to prepare a presentation on their country during their stay and to form new friends and experience first-hand British education and culture.

What is included?

  • Full Board Breakfast and evening meal with host family.
  • Packed lunch or Hot Lunch available (extra charge).
  • Induction session by school on safety and rules
  • Study materials
  • Bus pass for local travel throughout stay
  • Cultural activities, sports from 3pm to 5.30pm
  • Saturday excursion fully supervised at extra charge
  • 24 hour emergency number
  • Welfare coordinator
  • Induction pack with map of local area
  • Graduation with certificate of attendance
  • Taster students are assigned a buddy to shadow
  • Age range 11 to 18 years
  • Prestigious local schools available in Sussex.


Who are we?

We are UK High School Immersion (UKHSI).  We provide high school placement packages for students from all over the world into UK high schools, which include their school placement, accommodation, travel and visa arrangements, giving you peace of mind that your child is well-cared for. 

We are based in Brighton in the South East of England and we work with a network of high schools & fully vetted host families.

Who’s the programme for?

Boys and girls aged 13-18 who currently live and study around the world but want to improve their English language education. 

Section Where are the schools?

Study in the South East of England in the following places: Eastbourne, Worthing, Brighton, Portslade, Hove, and Burgess Hill.

Where do I stay?

In a loving host family that’s been fully vetted and safety checked. Most of our host families have children of their own who attend local high schools, meaning that students will have fantastic company throughout their stay and peace of mind that they’ll be with like-minded families. 

Who will my son/daughters contact when in England?

Our welfare team meet UKHSI students every week and respond to any queries very quickly. We also send a short report every week.

Who do I speak to at UKHSI when my child is in England?

You will be assigned a welfare officer and given a 24 hour emergency number.

Can UKHSI provide references?

Yes, we can send professional references from schools and institutions we collaborate.

What does my child do from Monday - Fri?

Children will go to school from 0800-1500 and will have a buddy to make sure they have a companion throughout their day. They then take part in a variety of afternoon clubs until dinner time. They will then return to host family and have a home-cooked dinner where they spend time speaking in English, learning more about the English culture, and doing any homework they have seen set.  

How do you choose the school my child will attend?

We ask for our Academic Objectives to be filled in. We’ll then match the student to the most suitable school.

Will my son/daughter know anyone on the first day at school?

Yes. Your son/daughter will be in touch via email with their buddy before arrival and welfare officer will take them to school.