Making students feedback worth it with the Tutella app

By February 27, 2019 No Comments
students feedback

Students feedback benefits are profound and wide – ranging. It is of utmost importance for language schools to have honest feedback from students so they can offer the best experience in the way they educate their students.

Schools should plan each activity carefully to meet the needs of the students and customise their experience the best they can. Without feedback, however, they  could never know what works best and in what fields they should improve.

On the Tutella Leader app, leaders can create questionnaires to get feedback from students with just a few clicks. The Student app then allows students to access the dashboard of the school that enables them to watch school events shared by administrators and leaders. On top of that, one of the most valuable features is answering feedback questionnaires.

Student feedback is very important and gives valuable insights to help the schools to continuously improve. On the Tutella app each language school can provide surveys with some questions at the end of each programme, regarding their accommodation, school and what they learned during their stay.

This process also benefits students. If schools create a feedback culture, they send students a strong signal that they care and cherish their views while also creating ways of modeling how feedback is received and responding to them productively.

The Tutella app is designed to further increase the interaction between students and leaders and provides the important feedback of students with effective and practical solutions.