Follow Us to Our Next Adventure with So Manou Group in Rottingdean

By March 1, 2019 No Comments

After school our two groups of international students form Spain, meet each other in the town centre. All together, they embark to their next adventure, Rotingdean.

Their first stop was the Windmill. There they learned about it use and the smugglers stories. It was wonderful day very sunny and warm, therefore, our students took a lot of time for photos and to enjoy the view. Their next stop was the Kipling Garden, part of the former house of Rudyard Kipling where students enjoyed within the beautiful surroundings.

Walking along the main street, they discovered the old cottages and houses. The final stop was the seafront where students discover the white cliffs and while walking down to the sea, they saw an amazing sunset. They described the sun like big and red on the multicoloured sky – simply spectacular.

That beauty could be described only by a poet or by a painter. Our students tried to capture that moment with their phones but, however, it will stay in their minds for long.