Ice Cream Day with our Italian Student

By February 25, 2019 No Comments

School language immersion programs are packed with plenty of opportunities for students to get knee-deep into the local culture. Immersion can mean many things, starting from learning English to exploring completely new countries and cultures.

Saturday was “Ice cream day” with our Italian student. She is already having a great time in the UK with their friends and family. She is attending the individual programme and is staying for 3 months at the UK, studying y7 at PACA.

She is hosted in a nice host family and has a great buddy attending the same school. Her favourite subject in school is English and her main goal to achieve during her individual program is to improve her English skills to a higher level.

Traveling is part of the immersion programme and one of the things that our Italian student loves to do. She wants to visit a lot of places in the world and is slowly fulfilling her dreams.

Another great opportunity for students who are coming to study in the UK is the chance to live with a host family. Through this experience they are getting to know more about different cultures and they are learning English through everyday activities with their host families.

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